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Treatment Plans

***If you have a treatment plan that you cannot afford for your furry family member, please send us a message so we can try to help you!***

Here you will find a collection of the Invoices/Estimates/Treatment Plans for the pets needing care. We ask that donations be made either directly to the clinic referencing the appropriate Case or Invoice number OR via PayPal on our Donations page. We have obliterated the owner name and personal information to ensure privacy.

If you have questions or doubt about the validity of the documents on this site, please contact the clinic listed on the document to inquire about it. We try to ensure every best effort to have these documents up to date, along with estimated funds raised toward the service mentioned as this information becomes available.

Nakoma: severe infection and mass in kidney

***UPDATE: Nakoma received the treatment she needed, but it was not successful. Unfortunately, Nakoma has crossed the rainbow bridge and will be on the other side when her mom arrives to adopt her again***

Treatment estimate: $826-916 includes surgery and medication; no post surgical care.

FFF would prefer you contact the clinic directly to arrange payment. We made payment for emergency care today $181. If you are not comfortable faxing your personal info, please make a donation to our PayPal account via our Donations page.

Nakoma needs surgery within a week or she may die from infection.

Please help us save this little darling.